Holding onto my hat

Holding onto my hat

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mountbatten Campaign Accounts - Closure

Last Friday, 16 October 2015, I handed my Post-Election Donation Report and Return of Election Expenses to the Elections Department.  That was the last requirement for me to fulfill as a candidate for GE 2015.

The finalised Accounts (Revenue & Expenses) are as shown in the attached image files.

After the GE, a reporter asked me in relation to the Campaign: "Was there anything you would have done differently?" I paused to think, then responded decisively: "Not at all. The Campaign ran in exactly the way we wanted and I am very proud of it."    

I have no regrets about J4M Campaign. It left me with a bursting bag of great moments and cherished memories which I have the joy of keeping for years to come. And I also have satisfaction of proving the adage: "Together, ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary."  Indeed, the Campaign was a feat which a band of ordinary Singaporeans pulled off despite the unlikely circumstances.

It was a privilege for me to have taken part in GE 2015 as a candidate for Mountbatten SMC. I have much to be grateful for and many, many people to personally thank. 

I wish to take this opportunity give my heartfelt and personal thanks to:

  • the members of J4M Campaign Team who stood and ran with me;
  • supporters and encouragers who followed my Campaign trail and wished me well;
  • all those who had so kindly donated to the J4M Campaign fund;
  • all those who gave their time, ideas, talents, skills and dedication to the Campaign efforts;
  • each of the 6,004 Mountbatten citizens who gave their vote to me.

A Chapter is closed. The next Chapter awaits to be written. 

Total Expenses
Total Revenue - Page 1

Total Revenue- Page 2